Manage your money the smart way with 22seven

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Your finances have a direct impact on your daily decision-making. Whether you’re buying a latté from your favourite coffee shop, signing up for a new app subscription or planning a holiday – everything hinges on money. And it’s how you manage that money that will help you make smart decisions.

The best way to get an accurate picture of your finances is to make a budget. In the past, budgeting meant making a spreadsheet and tracking all your expenses manually. Let’s face it, Excel is a fun-killer of note – surely there’s a better way?  

There is! And it’s free to download…

Here are three ways 22seven will change your life.

22seven saves you time

No more trawling through bank statements and listing all your expenses on a spreadsheet. With 22seven, you can link all your accounts instantly at the click of a button, whether it’s a savings account, credit card, loan or investment account, or even a rewards account. The app automatically tracks and categorises your spending and you get an instant overview of your entire financial situation.

22seven is easy to use

Columns of numbers are so last season. 22seven uses charts and colour categories to give you a visual summary of your finances and your total net worth – how much money you have after all your debts and expenses have been deducted. You can quickly see how you’re doing against your budget by glancing at the icons and following the indicators. Have you overspent in a particular category? You’ll notice immediately. As you make good money decisions, you can stay motivated by watching your net worth grow and grow.

22seven tells you things you need to know

22seven identifies trends in your spending. For example, you’ll know at a glance whether you spent more on airtime this month than you did the month before. You can go even deeper and set custom timeframes and categories within your budget, so that you have a clear picture of money coming in and money going out. Thanks to the 22seven community, you can also get an idea of how your habits compare to other users. For example, you’ll receive insights into how your spending compares to others in a similar income bracket.

22seven is so easy to set up and use. Be proactive, start budgeting and set a course to achieve your financial goals. The app provides a secure and practical platform to help you manage your money better. Go on, give it a try!