I’m a young professional and this is how I use 22seven 💼

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2seven is a great tool for seeing all your money in one place. And the best part? It’s free! But what features do I actually use as a young professional, and why do I love them?

I use 22seven to save time

Who wants to spend all their time trying to figure out what’s happening with their finances? Not me! With 22seven, all my transactions are automatically updated and categorised. Once I’ve linked my bank accounts, which takes minutes, I can just open the app and see what I need to see. No time wasted.

I use 22seven to stay motivated

As a young, hard working person, I want to know if I’m doing the right thing with my money. By linking all my accounts, I use 22seven to get an instant, accurate idea of my net worth. I can see my net worth immediately when I open the app, which helps me stay focussed on the long game.

The nudges are also super useful. For example, getting that notification telling me that I’ve put a certain amount of money towards my future seriously motivates me to stay on track and reminds me that my sacrifices are worth it.

I use 22seven to streamline my tax return process

I use the date range filter on the Transactions page to set the dates for the tax year in question. This shows me all my income and expenses within the relevant timeframe. I can even filter it per category to see a summary of specific expense types, like commission earned, donations etc. It can’t be easier!

And when it comes to my medical aid, 22seven is an angel sent from heaven. I create custom categories for my medical expenses to help me work out how much I can deduct without having to scramble through doctor’s emails and receipts.

Oh yes, I also export my 22seven data to a spreadsheet. I send this spreadsheet to my tax guy, which makes his job so much easier.

I use 22seven to confidently manage my money

22seven lets me see exactly where my money is going each month, how my spending compares to my peers and how much I’ve saved and invested. This information allows me to make better decisions and I feel confident in my ability to manage my money.

Don’t believe me? Give it a try and see how much 22seven can help you!

Lisa is a 27-year-old graduate with 4 years of working experience. Having recently changed career paths, she’s slowly but surely climbing the ladder of career success and couldn’t have done it without the help of her 22seven profile that keeps all her money matters in one place.