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We built 22seven because we think there's a new
solution to an old problem.

Our story.

The old problem is our relationship with money. We all have regrets about things we did, or didn’t do, or don’t think we’ll be able to do, with money. Money feels limiting when it could be liberating.

The new solution lies in what we know and have now that we didn’t know or have a few years ago. Thanks to new insights in psychology, we know more about how people think and behave with money, and why. Thanks to new technology, we have tools to do things in radically different ways.

Using these new insights and smart technology, 22seven can help people do better with their money. To see new things about it, feel more confident about it, find more of it, use it wiser and grow it smarter.

This was the conviction we launched with as an independent startup in January 2012.

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