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Over 700 000 South Africans trust us with their money stuff.

Keep track of your money
more simply.

Get a personalised
budget, automatically.

Find relevant
insights, regularly.

See all your money
in one place.

All your accounts. All your transactions. All together.
Link bank accounts, credit and store cards,
investments, loans and rewards.

120+ supported institutions

Get a personalised budget,

It’s generated for you. And based on your own,
actual spending. See exactly how much you spend
on what each month. Know what you‘ve already
spent and have left to spend, and find more money.

Receive relevant
insights, regularly.

Nudges are hints and observations about your
money. See things you didn’t know or hadn’t
considered, and use your money better.

Our customers say the nicest things ...

I love it, it helped me detect when my insurance charged me twice

It’s my 3rd day using this app and I love it already; an insurance company deducted money twice from my account; I was not aware of it and the app could pick that up for me so I was able to get my money and the app could pick that up for me so I was to get my money back; thank you very much.

Thanks to 22seven I’m debt free

Yay! When I made a decision 6 months ago to turn my financial life around, I started doing research and came across 22seven. You’ve certainly made sticking to that decision a lot easier. Today am debt free. From a debt of R40 000 six months
ago … may you keep nudging
me as I move from debt to building an emergency fund and eventually growing my wealth through savings and investments.

Financial planning made quick and simple

22seven is my one-stop-shop to manage my finances. It is seriously so far ahead of any of the other apps and tools I have tried. The app is easy to use, makes tracking my spend effortless, budgeting a breeze, and is easily customisable to make it work for what I need. It gives me a single, easy-to-understand overview of what's going on with my finances and provides nifty insights into trends and anything unusual. You'll never miss a dodgy debit order again! The app support is also phenomenal - you get help and bugs get fixed in record time.


Your information is secure. And it belongs to you.

We use the same security measures as banks, governments and the military.
Your information is always encrypted, and we won’t sell your data to third parties.

Read only.

We can only fetch your information. No one can touch your money.


You can feel reassured because we're insured by Beazley.


Established in 2012. Hundreds of thousands of South Africans trust us with their money stuff.

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How it works …

Link your

The first thing you’ll do is link your money stuff: cheque and savings accounts, credit and store cards, investments, loans and rewards.

We gather your transactions

When you link accounts, 22seven usually gets the last 3 months’ transactions from them. After that, they’re automatically updated whenever you log in, or daily.

… and sort them for you

22seven identifies each transaction and automatically puts it into a category like Groceries, Rent or Pets. Use existing categories or create your own.

See where your money goes

We automatically add up what you spend on each category, each month, so you see exactly where your money goes. Brace yourself: it’s honest about what you do with your money.


Get really good support from real, live people.

The Svens, our support team, are available from 8am to 8pm.