Bring the future of finance to your customers, fast.

22seven API is the shortcut to creating value for your customers and gaining rich insights in the process. Through secure APIs, we’re able to provide you with data collection and transaction categorisation.

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Give your customers
what they want.

Customers demand a more advanced money experience. Give them what they want by providing them with the full picture of their finances in one place and showing them the impact of their financial decisions.

By doing this, you empower them to feel more in control of their financial future and ultimately build brand loyalty.

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Understand the overall
financial picture of your

Aggregating financial data provides you with the full picture so that you can better segment your customers, position other products more effectively and make more informed decisions for your business.

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Increase engagement
and brand loyalty.

By extending functionality on your platform, you become the one-stop shop for all your customers’ financial needs.

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Empower customers to
improve their wellbeing.

Spend tracking enables customers to make better financial decisions, which frees up additional income that can be used to take up more products from you.

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