Time to tame the subscriptions!‍

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The days are long gone when you’d go into Incredible Connection and buy a CD with the latest version of Microsoft Office on it. (CDs… Remember them?) Waiting for your favourite TV show every Wednesday at 7pm is also ancient history. 

We live in an age of subscriptions. You can subscribe to anything, from software to streaming services and even a monthly coffee delivery. But are you keeping track of whether you’re using all your subscriptions enough to justify the price you’re paying? 

Here are seven ways to stay on track.

  1. Keep a log

It’s easy to press a button and subscribe, or to accept a free trial. But it’s also easy to forget about it and keep paying without using the service. 

Keep a subscription log where you list each subscription by type, name, cost and payment frequency. This will help you see if there are unused subscriptions or duplications. 

  1. Make some rules 

If you’re someone who is easily tempted, set rules for yourself. 

For example, tell yourself that if you don’t use a service for three months, then you’ll cancel it. Or that you can only subscribe to one streaming service at a time. This will keep your costs down and save you money over time. As you know, it all adds up. 

  1. Cancel subscriptions you don’t use

This is a no-brainer. Most subscriptions are easy to turn off and easy to turn on again in future if you need to. For example, you can rotate between streaming services. If you’ve had Disney+ for a while and you can’t find anything new to watch, cancel it and give Showmax a try for a month.

Go through your transactions on 22seven and check whether there are deductions going off each month that you can’t place. Cancel them if they’re subscriptions. Remember that crossword game on your phone you signed up for six months ago? Kill it!

  1. Make use of free trial periods and specials

Most subscriptions have a trial period of a week or month. If you need a particular service as a once-off, use the trial period – just remember to cancel it in time. 

Many subscription services also run specials. Consider waiting for a special and sign up while the price is lower. 

  1. Resist the urge

Do your research. Do you really need the subscription? If it’s software, there might be a free version that does something similar – use that version until you need all the extra bells and whistles. 

  1. Share your subscriptions


Some subscriptions give you access to several profiles that can be shared between family members. This way you can split the cost and get the same value for less. 

Each offer is different. Make sure to read the rules before you subscribe.

  1. Review your subscriptions regularly

Set a reminder to review your subscriptions every three months. This way you can get on with your life and not worry about it until your calendar pings you. 

That’s it! Enjoy your subscriptions and use them wisely. Always think about what else you could buy with the money before subscribing. This helps to put things into perspective.